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   "SHI JI YING HUA" is Ningbo Century Metal Products Co.,Ltd.Cixi brand cabinest, Success in 2008 at the national
Trade and Industry Bureau (trademark Authority) registered the SHI JI YING HUA brand trademark. CIxi, Ningbo Century Metal Products CO.,Ltd. was founded in 1997,is a research, development,production and sales,SHI JI YING HUA series asone of the production and sale of the operating style ofmodern enterprise,the company has a well-known national brand, SHI JI YING HUA all knowledge property rights, is also responsible for a nationwide SHI JI YING HUA brand distributors,agentsof development,major projects are: basket series of stainless steel, stainless steel tool series, stainless steel sink series,multi-function meter box series, duatbin series,such as the kitchen. The company has been founded in china adhere to the cabinet industry as a first-class goals. Adhere to the efforts of innovation, scientiffic management, unique design principle, a unique design, qualith service, low prices, the use of advanced equipment
and high-quality stainless steel materials, to provide consumers with the pattern of win-win situation. At the same time,companies, follow the aws of the market, and constantly improve the business management and production processes cabinets to create a unique system of facilities.

   The company's management and the development trend
inthe domestic sector proverbial closet,when compared with similar enterprises in the leading position has been made,
enjoy high popularity and reputation. The company has established a comprehensive set of business management model and comprehensive support facilities,with a number of excellent management personnel, which makes metal century, rapid development of robust, agents,dealers have the market
all over the country.


   "The pursuit of excellence,industry expertise in ground handling," is always the goal,Ibelieve the industry will be in the cabinet left by a brilliant.

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